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About Us

We at TRANS TO ARABIC are a team of highly trained and specialized freelance Arabic translators. TRANS TO ARABIC has over 15 years of experience in providing professional translation services to clients. To ensure that our clients get the best translation services, we have invested heavily in expert Arabic translators, efficient language specialists, native Arabic subject matter experts and proofreaders. Moreover, we employ the latest translation and localization software, tools (such as CAT tools) and techniques to guarantee quality consistently.

The strategic advantage that gives us an edge over other providers of Arabic translation services in the industry is our policy that requires direct interaction between our translators and our clients. You will not have to deal with any middleman when you turn to us to provide you with Arabic translation and localization services. Instead, you will be referred to a lead translator of TRANS TO ARABIC with whom you will deal directly. The lead translator will be an experienced native Arabic translator who will make sure you will get the exact services you require. The native and experienced Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC are at the heart of the Arabic translation and localization services we provide. You will get to interact with them from the very outset of your project to its completion.

Each and every single one of the Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC has at least 5 years of experience in a particular specialized field of translation and localization. The professional Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC are also highly educated in the field of linguistics. The Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC offer translation and localization services to a wide range of sectors including medical, legal, software and IT, computer hardware, telecommunications, automotive, and travel.

Besides our highly trained and experienced Arabic translators, our access to the latest translation and localization software, tools and techniques also gives us an edge over our competitors. We employ these tools, software and techniques to allow for automation and efficiency to the translation and localization process. We have advanced translators’ computer equipment, communication and documentation tools, text editing and desktop publishing tools, linguistic database tools and computer assisted translation (CAT) programs and tools. This way, the Arabic translation and localization services provided by the team at TRANS TO ARABIC continue to appeal to top international brands such as GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Pfizer, Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple, just to mention a few.

We also have Arabic proofreaders with over 15 years of experience in proofreading who make sure that the output text is flowing seamlessly without any grammatical or spelling issues affecting the readability of Arabic text.