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We at TRANS TO ARABIC have a professional team that has a specialized experience in providing hardware and telecommunications translation. Hardware translation at TRANS TO ARABIC entails the translation of support documentation, user guides, manuals, packaging materials, technical documents, end user licence agreements, patents and legal documents. Telecommunication translation at TRANS TO ARABIC on the other hand entails the translation of user interfaces, user guides, technical write-ups and manuals of smart phones and tablets among other gadgets in the telecommunications industry.

To provide accurate hardware and telecommunications translation services, one requires sound knowledge of both the source and target language, great writing skills equivalent to that of educated native speakers and reasonable familiarity with the subject matter. Our hardware and telecommunications translators at TRANS TO ARABIC are all educated up to the university level. The translators at TRANS TO ARABIC all have a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from high ranking universities in Egypt. The translators are also well-experienced in the translation industry with each one of them having at least 15 years of experience providing translation services. Moreover, we have a strict policy that restricts the translators providing hardware and telecommunications translation to have experience in those respective technical fields of at least 5 years.

The Arabic hardware and telecommunications translators at TRANS TO ARABIC are assisted by native technical subject matter experts who have deep understanding of and experience in the hardware and telecommunications technical fields. These subject matter experts are the ones who ensure all the translated documents produced by TRANS TO ARABIC conform to the acceptable technical standards in the hardware and telecommunications sectors. This in turn reduces any instances of liability of our clients and hence makes the translation and localization services provided by us a great investment.

When it comes to translating documents in the hardware and telecommunications sectors, there are certain formatting styles and structures that we need to adhere to. We are able to surpass our clients’ expectations day in day out thanks to our quality assurance practices that involve using highly trained and experienced proofreaders and Computer Assisted Tools (CAT tools). The proofreaders deal with hardware translation material relating to television sets, television decoders, mobile phones, personal computers, printers, digital cameras and scanners just to mention a few. Because they incorporate the use of the latest CAT tools in their work, they are able to consistently deliver quality hardware and telecommunications translation and localization work.

Under our hardware translation division, we are privileged to have notable clients such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, HP, Olympus OKI, Dell, Epson and Hitachi. We also serve the following clients who continually seek our telecommunications translation and localization services particularly in relation to mobile phones: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Siemens, HTC, LG, Sagem, Alcatel, HTC, iPhone, LG and Huawei. There are also those clients who turn to us time and again seeking telecommunications translation and localization services in relation to modems and networks such as Cisco, IBM, NETGEAR and Novell.