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Marketing & E-Learning

We have a competent team of Arabic translators who have specialized exclusively in providing translation and localization of e-learning, educational and marketing material. E-learning is an absolute necessity for multinational companies that support international workforce. Educational material includes study text, exam material, online exams and tutorials. Translation of education material into Arabic is sought after by learning institutions and providers of standardized tests and other tests. Marketing materials include brochures, press releases, websites, post cards, flyers, business cards, rack cards, branded envelopes, banners, promotional apparel and custom prints.

Our professional team at TRANS TO ARABIC has the capacity to handle robust e-learning programs delivered via the web, via computer software and via other multimedia applications. A lot of effort goes into translating and localizing e-learning and marketing material. That is why many translation companies charge very high fees for general e-learning translation. We on the other hand have a systematic methodology that ensures we deliver general e-learning translation and localization at affordable prices.

The Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC translate cloud-based training content, multimedia application training content, student training material, instructor training material, embedded simulations and certification program material. In localizing the e-learning material, we also incorporate voice over services and appropriate subtitles to ensure that the underlying themes are well delivered to your target audience.

Need translation of your educational content? Look no further. We at TRANS TO ARABIC are committed to deliver high quality translation and localization services to educational institutions, publishers and providers of standardized tests. Our Arabic translators translate exam material, study texts, scientific studies, research projects, certificates and prospectuses. Because accuracy is a key performance indicator as far as educational translation is concerned, we have invested in the latest technological tools such as CAT tools and techniques to ensure that the output from our translation is consistently accurate. We also have a team of professional Arabic proofreaders who go over the translated educational material to ensure that it does not have any stylistic, grammatical and spelling mistakes.

As for MARKETING translation, the most important thing to note is an emphasis on the local culture that is essential in preserving the objective of the marketing campaign. To appeal to Arabic-speaking customers or clients, you need to communicate Arabic. The good thing about the localization services at TRANS TO ARABIC is that they are done by 100% native Arabic translators with several years of experience. This way, we guarantee that the integrity of your underlying marketing message will reach your target market.

Clients such as Microsoft, Sony, Cisco, Oracle, Canon, Skillsoft, Rosesta Stone, Sunflower for Science, and McGraw-Hill are some of the top brands that have turned to us to provide them with e-learning, educational and marketing translation. For those interested in specifics, TRANS TO ARABIC has translated and reviewed:-

  • Marketing materials and press releases for brands such as Dell, Samsung, Siemens, MS, Nokia

Marketing materials and websites that require high style and creative marketing oriented context for very famous brands such as Lexmark, Sony, Samsung and Canon.