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Medical Translation

Whether or not you get right medical translation is quite rightly a matter of life and death. The professional team at TRANS TO ARABIC that handles medical translation and localization services is well aware of this. That is why accuracy is the most important indicator of the quality of our medical translation and localization services. We acknowledge that medical translation has inherent challenges such as the prevalent use of acronyms and abbreviations and the subtle cultural nuances that characterize the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In order to overcome these complexities, we have channelled sufficient resources to set up a complete medical translation and localization team at TRANS TO ARABIC.

The native Arabic translators are at the heart of our medical translation and localization team. They are all native Arabic speakers with formal education in Arabic. All our medical translators have a BA in Linguistics from reputable universities in Egypt. They also have several years of experience in providing translation services with at least 5 years specialized in the medical translation field. Thus, they are experts on medical terminology, can accurately write medical texts and publications and are able to effectively utilize very specialized medical dictionaries. The native Arabic translators work hand in hand with a team of specialized medical subject matter experts who have tangible knowledge and experience relating to the medical field.

Because of the sensitivity of terminologies in the medical field, the Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC conduct thorough terminology research to ensure that the correct equivalent terms are used following the translation. As such, we employ limited use of machine translation but instead let our translators exhaustively cover the entire medical translation and localization process. Once the Arabic translators and medical subject matter experts are satisfied with their work, they present it to Arabic proofreaders to conduct a final proofreading of the work. These Arabic proofreaders have solid experience of translating medical texts. They also ensure that the work conforms to the best practices in the medical field.

Compliance with the applicable regulatory framework is crucial when it comes to medical translation. Our medical translation team is specialized in providing comprehensive translation and localization services on medical forms, case report forms, insurance records, medical equipment manuals and other records scrutinized by relevant medical and health officials.

Our scope of medical translation and localization services covers a myriad of source documents such as:-

  • Insurance records
  • Medical equipment manuals
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medical journals
  • Dossiers
  • Clinical reports
  • Lab tests and test results
  • Patient records
  • Questionnaires
  • General medical records

The high quality and reliable medical translation and localization services provided by TRANS TO ARABIC have appealed to a number of high profile brand names that have partnered with us. We have successfully delivered on medical translation projects for GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Wyeth Pharmaceutical, Mayo Clinic, Molina Healthcare, Hil-Rom, Omron Medical Devices, Pfizer and Sorin Medical Technology just to mention a few. When you turn to us to provide you with medical translation and localization services, you will get to interact directly with our professional medical translators just like these big brands.