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Our Professional Team

The reliable Arabic translation and localization services provided by TRANS TO ARABIC are thanks to a dedicated team of professionals. When you turn to us to provide you with Arabic translation and localization services, you will have access to a team of professionals. Our professional team includes highly trained and experienced Arabic professional translators, subject matter experts and proofreaders.

Meet Our Native Arabic Translators

Our native Arabic translators are at the core of the professional team that will deliver your translation or localization project. We at TRANS TO ARABIC have a team of native Arabic translators with solid academic and professional backgrounds. All our Arabic translators are highly educated; each and every single one of them has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Linguistics from reputable universities in Egypt. Moreover, our Arabic translators have relevant experience in offering Arabic translation and localization services.

In addition to relevant experience in translation, all the native Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC have at least 5 years of experience in a particular field of specialization. This way, we at TRANS TO ARABIC have the capacity to offer medical translation, legal translation, automotive translation, software translation, travel and marketing translation, and translation for companies in the telecommunication industry.

Have a uniquely technical translation and localization project? Feel free to partner with our native Arabic translators to deliver to you exactly what you want.

Meet Our Arabic Proofreaders

The Arabic proofreaders at TRANS TO ARABIC complete the professional team. The Arabic proofreaders are very essential to the quality assurance process at TRANS TO ARABIC. Their focus is strictly on Arabic as a target language. This is what they are good at. Each and every single one of the Arabic proofreaders at TRANS TO ARABIC has a minimum of 7 years of experience in Arabic proofreading. Their work entails obtaining the output text and ensuring that it is flowing seamlessly without any grammatical or spelling issues.

The professional team at TRANS TO ARABIC are well aware of the latest technological tools, software and techniques to use in translation and localization. This helps us to consistently deliver quality translation and localization services to our clients.

Meet Our Professional Team