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Khayyam Khalaf

Accuracy and Punctuality

Software Expert




Being a leader of a team of senior translators in the localization field is quite a challenge the undertaking of which requires an individual of a certain caliber in terms of education, experience, and personal qualities. Since his graduation in 1999 from faculty of Arts, with a major in English language and literature, Khayyam Khalaf has worked as a translator for a number of institutions. His accumulated experience in the fields of journalism, marketing and literary translation was culminated by his current engagement in localization field. In order to have a mastery over the technicalities of IT translation, which is a must requirement for any professional localizer, Khayyam attended a 6-month specialized training program in software development, where he managed to acquire an in-depth knowledge of programming, web-development, and general networking concepts and principles. In addition to aforementioned mutli-domain experience he amassed over the years of his work, Khayyam was knowledgeable enough to carry out his twofold duties, as a localizer, and localization team lead.

His 12-year localization experience enriched Khayyam’s work portfolio with diversity of accounts, amounting to no less than 3 million words. Among the major accounts handled by him, both as first-hand localizer and in his capacity as a group lead overseeing the translational output of team members, are the following leading brands in IT-industry:

Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, McAfee, Symantec, Linksys, Apple


Such high caliber clients have their own definition of quality, which is adopted by, adapted to, and streamlined with all members of the localization team.

With such experience and knowledge that grows each day, Khayyam is able to surmount almost every challenge that comes his way. With collaborative work strategies, knowledge management, as well as state-of-the-art localization technologies, he and his team are able to promise to deliver a premium localization service, characterized by quality and speed.