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Shaimaa Rabie

Expert in Marketing Translation



With translation, she is in a journey over a sea from one shore to the other through which she learns about new worlds & cultures. Words are her path to express ingenuity. Passion unleashes the creative side in her translation. Accuracy, commitment, and team spirit are her way to excellence.


A senior reviewer and team lead with more 2 million words in marketing & e-learning translation along 10 years of extensive experience. Shaimaa Rabie worked her career up from a junior translator in a publishing house up to the position of team lead for a team of senior translators specialized in marketing & education material translation. Throughout this journey, she gained familiarity with a variety of text types, especially marketing and e-learning texts. Computer-aided translation (CAT) tools were always her helpful assistant to complete the projects she worked in efficiently & effectively. Creativity and focusing on a well-written content are essential elements that are reflected in her work. Self-Motivated, meticulously organized, persistent learner and quality seeker, she is always keen to deliver the most reliable quality. Commitment to deadlines is a key factor in her performance.

An added value is her ability to manage any team, whatever its size, in a smooth and motivating way so as to deliver huge projects in required time with reliable quality. Her leadership skills are highlighted in the success of all projects she supervised as a linguist & team lead. For her, success is the degree to which she can build up others working in her team.

Main subject matters related to marketing translation include websites, brochures, leaflets, ads, slogans & logos, marketing campaigns, and promotional materials. As for e-learning, She has experience in translation for online courses, marketing texts, educational & learning material, and encyclopedic articles.

Shaimaa’s experience in translation field is backed by education specialization in translation studies. She was graduated from Faculty of Languages & Simultaneous Translation, English major, 2005. One month after graduation, she joined one of the well-known publishing houses in Egypt. There, she participated, either as a translator or editor, in translating many books. Titles include “Working with Pragmatics”, “Handbook of Quality Management”, “Power Speak”, “Brain Sell”, “How to Win Any Argument” and many books in the series “For Dummies”. After 2 years, she joined an esteemed localization company. There, she went a long way for more than 8 years through many positions till she became a team lead.

She was mainly specialized in marketing and e-learning translations. Main clients for which she was involved in translations for their websites & campaigns include Dell, Canon, HP, Samsung, Apple, IKEA, Carrefour, Burberry, Gucci, Jergens, Fatafeat Channel and so many other clients. For e-learning, the clients include Qatar Foundation, Sun Flower Learning, Cisco online courses, Apple support training courses, Rosetta Stone, Dynavox Learning Services and many others.