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Our approach in providing Arabic translation and localization services places a lot of importance on quality. We follow a consistent methodology consists of two broad phases: professional translation and professional proofreading.

When you contact us to seek professional Arabic translation and localization services, you will be referred to a lead translator of TRANS TO ARABIC whom you will deal with directly. The lead translator will be an experienced native Arabic translator.

In interacting with you, the lead translator will seek to establish the timelines of your project, the scope of Arabic translation and localization services you need and any other unique requirement you may have. This initial engagement is a standard practice at TRANS TO ARABIC that goes a long way in ensuring that our clients get reliable Arabic translation and localization services at a competitive price.

When you agree on the project details with the lead translator at TRANS TO ARABIC, the lead translator will begin working on your project together with a team of other Arabic translators and language specialists. The team of Arabic translators and subject matter experts, if needed, will work on your project and submit the work to the lead translator for final check. All our Arabic translators have at least 5 years of experience in their area of specialization. For quality purpose, we go a step further and send the work to our professional native Arabic proofreaders who are solely focusing on Arabic language as a target language to ensure that the output text is flowing seamlessly without any grammatical or spelling issues affecting the readability of the translated materials.

Because we are keen to provide our services with a competitive price, we provide this phase free of charge.