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Software and IT

Computer software programs, games and IT tools are used all over the world. Business and personal websites are also accessible worldwide. When you want to increase the reach of your products/services worldwide, to strengthen your brand globally, to maximize the search engine optimization of your website and to adapt your computer software programs, games and IT tools to an international market, you need to invest in software and IT translation and localization services. This is where we come in. TRANS TO ARABIC is a leading provider of software and IT translation and localization services.

Some of our clients include:-

  • Microsoft- The world’s largest software manufacturer in terms of gross revenue
  • Oracle Corporation- The world’s largest enterprise software manufacturer in the world
  • Cisco Systems- Ranked number 15 globally by Forbes Magazine as the world’s most valuable brand
  • McAfee- A leading global computer security software company
  • Symantec- An American technology company that manufactures computer software
  • TrendMicro- A software company that manufactures software for small businesses, servers and cloud environments
  • Apple- The world’s most valuable brand according to Forbes Magazine
  • Novell- An American multinational software and services firm
  • Siebel Systems-A leading software company
  • IBM- The colossal American technology and consulting company
  • HTC- The Taiwanese multinational smart phones and tablets manufacturer
  • HP- The American multinational IT company

Computer software programs are specifically designed to perform particular tasks. To perform these tasks, the typical computer software would require instructions from human beings. While computer software receives its instructions in programming language, human beings send the instruction in human language. Manufacturers of computer software must therefore produce computer software with multiple language options so as to accommodate the different human languages. We at TRANS TO ARABIC are specialized in providing computer software translation and localization services. Our team of professional translators will translate and localize the user interface, user assistance portals and documentation of your computer software so as to make them usable by Arabic speakers.

Video games are a type of computer software. The team of professional Arabic translators at TRANS TO ARABIC is able to translate and localize the game play voice over, subtitles and user manuals.

Software and website localization is very important in this day and age. The text, pictures, symbols and underlying content of any software or website have to be localized for it to make sense to your target audience. Fortunately, all our professional software translators are native Arabic speakers with a deep understanding of the culture of Arabic speakers.  This way, your software or website will definitely appeal to your Arabic speaking target market.